Quick Holiday Work Party Style Survival Guide

DC Life Magazine 12/3 5:09A Eschelle Demure
Arrive to your Office Work Party in style and elegance. Holiday work parties aren’t just about celebrating special occasions; they’re also valuable opportunities for career advancement. These events provide a relaxed atmosphere that encourages...

6 Best Wines to Buy at Walmart for the Holidays

Alicia Tenise 11/30 12:00A Alicia
Welp, folks: the holidays are officially here. I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe how fast 2023 flew by! I’m still in a bit of disbelief seeing holiday decor in and around town, but I’m ready...

Pentagon steps on AI accelerator as age of lethal autonomy looms

The Washington Times (Culture) 11/25 3:49A Frank Bajak
Artificial intelligence employed by the U.S. military has piloted pint-sized surveillance drones in special operations forces' missions and helped Ukraine in its war against Russia. It tracks soldiers' fitness, predicts when Air Force planes need...

Pentagon turns to press flaks and academics to help fight information wars

The Washington Times (Culture) 11/18 2:02A Bill Gertz
A new U.S. approach to waging information warfare operations states that military and civilian defense organizations will rely on Pentagon public affairs officials with support from academics and non-government organizations to counter Chinese...

It’s a Go: Review of Quattro Osteria DC

DC Life Magazine 11/16 1:23P Dionne Joi
Quattro Osteria I m so excited to talk about my recent dining experience at Quattro Osteria . It s a go for me. This is the place for you if you re looking for more than just spaghetti and typical...

Devon Halsey: Green Golf Jacket Brings Elegance on the Course

DC Life Magazine 11/15 6:03A Eschelle Demure
Dara Tomanovich, the visionary behind Devon Halsey In the heart of the golfing world, a splash of jade green has become synonymous with sophistication, and it s all thanks to Dara Tomanovich, the visionary behind Devon Halsey. A Toronto native,...

How To Increase the Humidity in Your Home in the Winter

DC Life Magazine 11/15 4:24A The Editorial Staff
This winter increase the humidity in your home to avoid illness. We might complain about humidity in summer, but that moisture in the air is good for our skin and sinuses. Humidity also protects us...

How To Keep Road Salt Off Your Car

DC Life Magazine 11/15 3:16A The Editorial Staff
Winter is here, protect your investment It’s a familiar scene in the northern states of dark cars suddenly looking white or gray after succumbing to layers of road salt. We need salt on the roads in...

Movie Premier of Common Ground At The Miracle Theater

DC Life Magazine 11/13 5:36A Eugene Smith
Unveiling Common Ground : A Regenerative Revolution in Farming In the heart of Washington D.C., something groundbreaking is happening at the Miracle Theater. A three-night event, Common Ground, is set...

DC Life Gallery: Alley Art Project

DC Life Magazine 11/13 4:46A Eugene Smith
Unveiling Surrealist Alleyways: A Journey Through DC s Rich History This first installment is inspired by the late James captivating journey through the annals of Washington, DC s history with DC Life...

Ocean Isle Beach 2023

A Touch of Teal 11/8 11:58A Katie
This post is long overdue, but at the beginning of August, my family took our annual trip to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina — and I couldn t let it pass by without sharing a quick recap of our trip...

Virginia Tops Most Beautiful Scenic Drives in the U.S.

DC Life Magazine 11/7 7:39A The Editorial Staff
Road trips are the perfect ways to escape your daily routine and get up close and personal with the stunning landscapes scattered throughout the country. In many cases, sitting behind the wheel is the...

5 Best Places for Thanksgiving Dinner in LA

Alicia Tenise 11/7 12:00A Alicia
I love hosting a good Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving dinner, but after relocating to LA and downsizing to a smaller apartment , my hosting options are limited. Since we re short on space and time this...
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